Five Unusual Ways To Take CBD

Five Unusual Ways To Take CBD

The CBD industry is full of pioneers. From Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, the first man to isolate CBD and describe its chemical structure, to the first CBD brand that ever decided marketing CBD was a good idea, this compound has come a long way.

Most people still choose to take the basic CBD products; CBD oils, CBD capsules, and the like. However, as the market expands new products are being introduced all the time. These products are getting more unique - and downright weirder - as time goes on.

Nevertheless, there is a market for "unique" CBD products, and some consumers definitely enjoy them. Today, we are looking at 5 of the most unusual ways to take CBD. So, let’s see what you think…

CBD Bath Products

The CBD skincare industry is booming. It started out with CBD topicals, and later progressed into full-blown lotions, face creams, and CBD moisturizers.

Now, it seems the market has culminated in CBD bath products. Bath bombs and bath salts have begun springing up online, with the former being slightly more common.

Bathing in CBD is probably the ultimate in topical CBD application. Rather than applying it to one localized area, the CBD will grace your entire body. Plus, there’s lots of essential oils in these products that will relax you and help you to unwind.

With topicals, the CBD penetrates the layers of skin to reach cannabinoid receptors near the surface. It is thought to promote clear and healthy skin, and many skincare lovers enjoy the glow these products give. If you’re interested in topicals, then a full-body CBD bath can be a great way to go.

CBD Inhalers

Vaping CBD has become an increasingly popular consumption method as it avoids the hemp taste and is very fast-acting. In fact, inhaling CBD is one of the fastest ways for CBD to take effect, and it is also said to be highly bioavailable.

However, there are concerns about the safety of vaping. Although proponents say it is safer than smoking (since there is no combustion), there are still fears about all the ingredients (i.e. propylene glycol) in vape products.

For these reasons, some companies have started to make CBD inhalers. These resemble an asthma inhaler and can be used in the same way - only they harbor a compressed form of CBD in an aerosol.

This might be a safer alternative to vaping and smoking, but still matching the efficacy of inhaled methods.

Right now, CBD inhalers are a rare find. They are being trialed for CBD-based medications and are often used in this context rather than as a food supplement. Hopefully, as time goes on, CBD inhalers will become more common and widespread.

CBD Tooth Picks

CBD toothpicks are something we have been seeing more and more of lately. They’re pretty much a normal toothpick, only infused with CBD – and delicious flavors. You’re probably not going to be picking your teeth with them though, as CBD toothpicks are more for chewing on.

To use, simply chew on each end of the toothpick to release a steady stream of CBD. The slow release is beneficial to some users, and we have heard stories that those who often feel anxious find the physical act of chewing quite comforting.

Due to the fact that the toothpick is in your mouth and active for so long, the bioavailability of toothpicks is quite good. CBD can be picked up in your saliva and reach the ECS quickly through capillaries in the mouth.

CBD Suppositories

It’s safe to say that CBD suppositories are the most "unique" product on this list. Apparently, some companies like to cover all their bases. (For the record, suppositories are administered anally or vaginally).

Supposedly, suppositories are effective because the CBD can be absorbed into the bloodstream via capillaries in the anal or vaginal passage. Suppositories may be useful for those who struggle to swallow capsules or edibles. It’s true that they’re not for everyone, but don’t write them off!

Of course, if you do decide to use CBD suppositories, it is important to take note of hygiene. Check that the suppositories are of high-quality, and make sure to keep everything clean while you are using them.

CBD Makeup

Similar to CBD skincare products, CBD makeup has entered the scene with a profound impact. We’re not talking about face creams here; we mean concealers, foundations, and mascaras. For example products like KUSH Mascara by Milk Makeup are proving to be quite a hit.

To be honest, we understand CBD foundation more than we do CBD mascara – at least it’s affecting the skin. Milk Makeup claims that KUSH mascara is more "conditioning" than other mascaras, so maybe that’s the allure.

Final Thoughts: Where is CBD Headed?

The bottom line is, as the industry progresses we are seeing more and more unique CBD products like the ones mentioned above. These products are not exactly "weird," they're just a little more unique than your standard CBD oil. Of course, they’re all perfectly usable and are loved by many consumers.

All in all, with CBD the sky is the limit. We suspect that in time, CBD products will become more and more varied as brands attempt to out-compete one another. Only time will tell where CBD products will end up, but we’re pretty excited to see what’s next.

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