Why Curcumin & CBD is the Best Combo

Why Curcumin & CBD is the Best Combo

CBD gel capsules with Curcumin are the future. Is cannabidiol combined with curcumin the next big craze in the CBD industry? We sure think so, and here's why... Many of you already are familiar with the benefits and components of cannabidiol. Curcumin on the other hand is a spice that doesn't get as much media attention. However, we truly believe combining this spice with CBD creates the best of both worlds for a superior product that gives the best relief possible. 

Curcumin, a substance in turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. It is a "wonder" herb that has many health benefits. The spice, which possesses a vivid yellow color that is known to stain clothing and skin, is bitter and powerful. It is often used in Indian cuisines to give curry its bright hue. More likely than not, your past Indian cuisine experiences involved curcumin at one point or another. 

Diet plays a major role in the presence of cancer.  Although there are no studies to prove that curcumin plays a role in preventing various cancers, it is important to note that India has a low rate of cancer. Just something to think about when you decide which form of CBD is for you.

Champ is proud to announce we released our brand new gel capsules with curcumin, which we truly think has the potential to become one of our most popular products. Like all of our products this product contains no trace amount of THC, is Non-Gmo, GMP and derived from organic hemp for a superior product that will leave you coming back for more! Each capsule comes with 25mg of premium hemp extract and 10mg of curcumin. Like the rest of our gel capsules each bottle comes with 30 soft gel capsules. Click here to grab some today!


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