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CHAMP ™ 25mg CBD Infused Bath Soak

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A dynamic formulation of 78 electrolyte mineral complex and  phytocannaninoids that absorbs deep into the skin and muscles. Great for all joint and muscle pain including backache. Assists with chronic pain stimulating the body’s natural healing process. Helps with redness and swelling in the joints, sore muscles and stiffness and soothes general muscular aches and pains. Enhances overall mental and physical balance. 

A great choice for post-workout relief.

Perfect for adding to your bath aiding injuries from sports and strenuous activities. Contains a range of minerals essential for the body helping restore the body’s natural balance of electrolytes, often depleted through exercise. Enjoy soaking in these wonderful soothing and relaxing bath minerals for faster recovery to enhanced exercise performance


Ingredients: Citric Acid, Titanium Dioxide, Corn Starch, Organic Saturated Coconut Oil, 78 Electrolyte Mineral Complex, Colloidal Gold, SLSA, Phytocannabinoids,.

Directions: Drizzle scoop of Bath Soak into a warm bath for a fizzy, invigorating explosion of color, scent, and moisturizing oils.  The salts and oils dissolve when place under running warm water to produce a bontanical extract-infused soak.

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